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Fountain Markets Uber and Airbnb could lose hundreds of millions of dollars to the Government

Uber and Airbnb could lose hundreds of millions of dollars to the Government

The Federal Government has told the big tech companies to take more responsibility for the massive ride-hailing, Airbnb and Uber ride-sharing scandal, saying it is concerned that they are not paying enough attention to customers and is looking to take them to court to ensure their customers get a fair deal.

The Government has also been pushing companies to help with the massive crash in the industry and says it is “looking to take companies to court”.

The Government says it will impose a “pay as you go” policy on ride-share companies which would require them to take on additional staff, invest in customer service, or increase the number of drivers to prevent an exodus of business.

Uber, for example, will be required to hire 20 people to run its Melbourne office.

The Federal Court heard Uber and other companies have taken some of the blame for the scandal, including the fact they were not properly regulated by the Government.

The big tech firms are currently fighting the Government’s request for a “burden-sharing” order in a bid to stop the ride-shares from being able to charge users more for services such as Uber and Lyft.

The companies say they need to pay for staff to run the business.

But the Government has argued that companies are not properly insured and that the Government is likely to be found liable for the losses incurred by ride-shared drivers.

Uber and the big companies are both owned by Google, while Airbnb and other ride-Share companies are owned by the owners of the property in question.

The case will be heard by Federal Court in Sydney in July.

The Big Issues article The big technology companies are currently trying to stop a government crackdown on ride sharing companies.

They have also argued that Uber and others are not taking the Government to court, and are taking advantage of the government to make money.

Uber has already been fined $20 million by the Federal Government, and is being sued by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for allegedly breaching consumer protection laws.

The company has also faced a backlash after it claimed it was not able to get the Government involved in the ride sharing scandal.

Uber said it would not be making a formal response to the court case until it has received legal advice on whether it can go to court.

It has also sought to stop Airbnb from being taken to court because it has failed to respond to the government’s demand for information.

The latest court hearing is being held as Uber has been under a Government order for at least three months.

It was initially told the government could order the company to pay $25 million in fines, and $10 million in penalties if it failed to comply.

The order has since been revoked.

The court hearing will take place at the Supreme Court in Canberra on Wednesday, July 29.

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