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Fountain Business Which is better for men?

Which is better for men?

The gender pay gap for tech workers has grown since the year 2000, according to research from The Payscale, but there are differences in the pay of men and women across the country.

Men make more than their female counterparts, making up 67.6% of tech employees.

Women make up 57.3%.

This is in part due to differences in technology skills, but also because of differences in gender roles in different industries.

According to research by PayScale, men make more money than women in more than 20 different industries, ranging from retail and retail sales to financial services and health care.

The pay gap between men and woman is highest in technology, where women make 77% of all tech employees and men make just 55%.

The pay differential in the finance and insurance industries is even larger, at 79% between men’s and women’s pay.

However, women earn an average of $12.43 an hour and men earn $12 an hour, according the research.

Women are also far more likely to have been in tech jobs since they are more likely than men to be women, the report said.

They are also more likely in tech to have attended college, which makes them more likely that they will be paid less.

Women who have attended school are also three times more likely of being paid less than men.

A second study from the PaysScale found that tech workers tend to be more educated, and less likely to be working in a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) field than the general population.

Women make up 67% of those who work in the tech industry, and are paid 77% less than their male counterparts, the study found.

However, women make up just 57.7% of technology workers, while men make up 59.9%.

The gap in tech salaries between men, women and the general public is wider than the gender wage gap, the data showed.

According the research, the pay gap is much larger for women who hold a college degree, which is in contrast to the gender pay gaps for those who do not have a college education.

This is because tech workers who do have a degree are more heavily concentrated in the top 10% of earners in the US.

This study found that the gender gap is also much larger in finance, which has seen a significant rise in women’s salaries over the past decade.

Women have been making on average 73% of what men are making since 2000, the Pops said.

The data shows that women make a median wage of $27,902, and men are paid $36,852.

The data shows the median wage for men is $46,731.

This figure is also lower than the $51,919 for women.

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