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Fountain Markets Georgia Tech is hiring an ultrasound tech expert

Georgia Tech is hiring an ultrasound tech expert

By Nick TaborPublished August 14, 2018 04:33:50After a string of high-profile scandals, Georgia Tech has finally hired an ultrasound technologist who specializes in using ultrasound technology to diagnose tumors.

The university announced the hire Tuesday, citing the need for an expert to “advise and guide Georgia Tech’s advanced ultrasound technology development and manufacturing efforts.”

It is unclear how long the hire will take or what the ultrasound tech will be working on.

The university is not disclosing how much the job will cost or when it will be made available.

In a statement, the university said it will hire an ultrasound technology specialist “to assist in the design, implementation, and execution of a wide range of products including systems, systems and devices, systems integrations, medical imaging and data analytics, and medical devices and equipment.”

In a previous interview with Georgia Tech, which is in Georgia, Dr. James A. Davis said that ultrasound technology has “proven to be the single most effective and affordable method for diagnosing cancer, including in situ diagnosis, metastasis, and the prevention of death.”

The news comes just days after Georgia Tech President Greg Schott was forced to apologize to the university community for the recent hiring of a “prestigious, highly-trained, and highly-paid” ultrasound tech to help improve the technology at the university.

Schott initially defended the hire, saying the hiring was a “great step” toward making the university more transparent and “more transparent about its investments in technology and innovation.”

Last month, the Georgia Board of Regents, the state’s higher education regulatory agency, said it would consider awarding Georgia Tech a $3.8 million grant to help hire an independent technologist to help with its ultrasound technology efforts.

The agency, however, has not released details about the grant, which will be awarded to a company that provides the company with the technology.

The Georgia Tech hiring comes just one month after the state passed a bill that would require universities to disclose their investments in ultrasound technology, a policy that the university supports.

Under the bill, universities would also be required to post the names of all contractors who work on ultrasound technology at a website.

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