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Fountain Markets Google CEO to leave Google over ‘anti-competitive’ pay structure

Google CEO to leave Google over ‘anti-competitive’ pay structure

Google’s Larry Page has decided to step down as CEO, the company said on Friday.

Google announced that Page would be stepping down from his role after a series of scandals.

In a statement, the search giant said he will leave the company “in good standing” and “with immediate effect”.

“Larry has made significant contributions to Google and its employees and we’re proud of his leadership,” the company added.

“We’re grateful for his contributions and wish him well in the future.”

Page will remain on as executive chairman of the search company.

He will step down from that role in 2019.

“In the past, Google has demonstrated a commitment to ethical business practices, including the elimination of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation and age-related health and wellness information,” Google said.

“It has also been a leader in bringing about change in the tech industry, particularly on gender inequality and discrimination, and we are committed to continuing to be a leader for inclusion and equity in our industry.”

The statement did not specify how much Page will earn.

Google’s recent history has been littered with controversy.

Last month, it was revealed that it had paid nearly $400m to settle claims from former employees alleging discrimination and retaliation against them.

Google and its competitors have faced a host of allegations in recent years, including sexual harassment, racial discrimination, sexual harassment of female employees and discrimination against employees who were transgender.

The allegations have led to a number of high-profile departures, including former Google CEO Sundar Pichai and ousted executive chairman Eric Schmidt.

Google has also faced allegations of discrimination and harassment in the past.

In February, the New York Times published a detailed investigation into sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace, which found that a number Google executives and employees faced discrimination, harassment and retaliation.

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