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The LAKE PARK DRIVED is launching a new pilot program that’s aiming to make it easier for drivers to use a car in emergency situations.

The program, called LAMINA PARADISE, will be implemented on two-lane roads in neighborhoods throughout the city.

In the pilot program, a driver’s vehicle will be equipped with an emergency assist feature that will allow a driver to enter an intersection or take a left turn.

The driver will then use the assist feature while turning to get to a safe intersection, allowing the car to be safely passed.

LAMINAS PARADISCA techo DC will be the first city in the country to implement this technology.

The program will be rolled out across LA County in early 2021.

Lamina Paradise, the pilot project, will operate in neighborhoods such as the Northridge and Echo Park neighborhoods in Downtown Los Angeles, and the North Hollywood neighborhood in the South of Market neighborhood.

Drivers will have the ability to make a left at a green light, and a red light will be green.

The system will also provide an on-board computer that can be accessed from the driver’s side of the vehicle.

A new on-screen menu will also be available for the driver to make quick decisions on the road.

The pilot program is also aimed at helping to combat the growing problem of distracted driving, as well as the need for more efficient driving.

According to the LA Times, the Los Angeles County Transportation Authority is currently implementing a pilot program in which drivers are required to wear a head-up display while driving.

This program has seen a huge increase in the number of drivers in the area that are distracted by their phones and laptops.

In fact, the LAPD is looking to deploy a pilot in the next few months that will help reduce the number and severity of accidents involving distracted drivers.

The pilot program will begin in 2018, and will last two years.

LA County has seen an increase in incidents of distracted drivers in recent years, with nearly 50,000 collisions in 2018 alone.

LA Police Chief Charlie Beck has also stated that he’s hoping to see the technology implemented in other cities, as the department has a similar program in place.

LASD has a partnership with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which is currently working on a pilot of the technology.

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