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Fountain Markets How to fix the city’s outdated digital infrastructure

How to fix the city’s outdated digital infrastructure

A city that’s built its tech economy on tech startups has a serious digital infrastructure problem.

The city of Dallas has an aging fiber optic network that is being used by just one out of every 10 residents, according to a new report from the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

The city is one of the worst performing tech hubs in the country for digital services.

The report found that the average speed of an individual’s internet connection is down to 3Mbps, and that the city has lost nearly 50 percent of its data since the beginning of the year.

The state of Texas ranked the worst of all of the big tech hubs, with just 17 percent of the population using broadband at speeds above 1Mbps.

Dallas is also home to the largest private cloud provider in the state, Amazon Web Services, which offers gigabit fiber to more than 50,000 residents.

And even if you’re lucky enough to have a gigabit connection, you’re still likely to experience slow speeds on a regular basis.

The problem isn’t just limited to Dallas.

A study published in the journal Applied Energy found that Dallas is one the most expensive cities in the nation for maintaining its infrastructure, as it spends $13,000 per household on a home broadband service, compared to $6,000 for New York City.

In San Francisco, a new study found that only 1.5 percent of households had internet service that could be connected to the internet at peak times.

The lack of internet access in Dallas is particularly frustrating because there’s been a massive push to build a new fiber optic infrastructure since 2013.

In 2017, Mayor Mike Rawlings and other city officials signed a $200 million contract with Google Fiber, a major tech company that was hoping to use its network to serve the Dallas metro area.

But Dallas has been slow to make progress on its fiber optic project.

Dallas has a population of more than 100,000, and the city spent $6.4 billion on its network over the course of its five-year lifespan.

But the city had a hard time getting new fiber to go up in the first place, with a $5.3 billion contract for a new transmission line that was never built.

The line had to be built in a special way, so it could accommodate the city, and it was not built in accordance with local standards.

A spokesperson for the Dallas Office of Technology Innovation and Capacity, which oversees the city of approximately 5 million residents, told The Dallas Morning News that Dallas had a “very ambitious” fiber optic plan in place at the beginning and had already started deploying a portion of it.

The new report, which analyzed data from more than 2,600 Dallas homes, found that about one-fifth of the homes in the city don’t have a connection to the Internet at all, and many are having trouble getting online at all.

About 10 percent of Dallas residents do not have a high-speed connection at all at all — and about 40 percent don’t even have a fiber optic connection at any time, the report found.

As Dallas continues to struggle to fix its infrastructure and find more money to fund the new fiber, the city is considering closing its city hall and switching to a digital version of the city website.

The digital version will likely only serve those who have a personal computer, but many are concerned about the future of the digital version and the lack of access to city data.

“We are very aware of the fact that the digital versions of the website will only serve the most dedicated, dedicated people,” said city spokeswoman Michelle Jones.

“We’re still working on making sure that we can reach that point.

But we’re looking forward to the day when all residents will have access to the same information.”

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