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Fountain Tech How Nike is helping a struggling NBA team in Africa

How Nike is helping a struggling NBA team in Africa

The NBA has announced it has launched a new initiative to support local businesses.

The effort is called Nike Tech Basketball, and it will provide support for small businesses that are struggling to compete in the African market.

The initiative is called Zev Tech Basketball and is being run by the league’s Global League of Nations Development Fund, the world’s largest African development organization.

The fund will provide a $250,000 grant to small businesses and businesses in need in Africa.

Zev tech will support them through training, business incubation and mentorship, and provide support in terms of marketing and distribution.

The NBA hopes to increase this program by $50 million over the next four years.

The league has already invested $1 billion in African countries since 2010.

ZEV tech will help the league reach these communities by providing them with technical support and mentoring, and the league hopes to use the program to boost the number of African teams in the NBA.

This is a major investment that will go a long way toward helping African businesses thrive in the United States.

“Zev Tech basketball will help our league reach more African businesses, and help to expand our business and reach more communities in Africa,” said Commissioner Adam Silver.

“I want to personally thank our players, coaches, trainers, and players’ families, who have been the backbone of our success over the last several seasons.”

NBA owners are also encouraging NBA teams to take part in ZevTech.

NBA Commissioner Adam L. Silverman and his counterparts from the International Basketball Federation, the International Olympic Committee and the African Football Confederation will all be in Africa this year, and Silverman is also the CEO of the NBA’s Zevtech Initiative.

ZVtech will be a three-year initiative that will be funded through the NBA Global League on Basketball.

The program will allow NBA teams in Africa to earn additional exposure to the league and the NBA community.

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