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Fountain Politics When it comes to sleep, your iPhone could do worse than Apple’s newest smartphone, The Verge’s Matt Gourley writes

When it comes to sleep, your iPhone could do worse than Apple’s newest smartphone, The Verge’s Matt Gourley writes

The iPhone 7 Plus is the best-selling phone in the world, and it is likely that Apple will soon announce the next model.

The iPhone’s price tag is expected to jump to $1,500, but a new report suggests that Apple may be willing to let the phone be sold for a less expensive price than the iPhone 7.

This new rumor comes from The Verge, who report that Apple is considering dropping the price of the iPhone in favor of the $1.49 billion iPhone 7 and $1 and $2.99 Apple Watch Series 3 models.

This is a much more reasonable price tag than the $2,000 price that we’ve seen for other models in recent years.

As Gourling explains, this new price could be justified because it’s “the lowest price yet for a phone that will likely make a huge difference in the lives of the average American consumer.”

We’re still waiting for a price of $1 or $2 for the iPhone’s predecessor, the iPhone 6, but it looks like the iPhone is in for a treat when it comes time to buy it.

The Verge points out that this new rumor is coming from a source who is “close to the company” and is not affiliated with Apple.

Gourler also reports that Apple “is expected to announce a new iPhone this month, which will likely include a larger display.”

Gourl’s report comes on the heels of reports that iPhone 7 sales are down significantly this year, and we’re expecting a much bigger decline for the year.

This news should make it much easier for Apple to raise the price on its next phone.

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