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Fountain Investing How to Get Into the Tech Industry: Getting Into Tech, Being a Startup, and Building a Career in the 21st Century

How to Get Into the Tech Industry: Getting Into Tech, Being a Startup, and Building a Career in the 21st Century

The video above features an interview with one of the founders of tech startup Loom, Nick Loom.

In the clip, Nick and his wife, Kristina, talk about how their journey from an elementary school to being a successful tech entrepreneur and the importance of networking in their life.

Nick Lament has been living a startup lifestyle since 2013, when he began his own venture called The Serenity Group.

He recently moved to Seattle, where he now works as the VP of Product Management at Loom and the co-founder of a tech startup called LoomLab.

He talked to MTV about the challenges he faced as a young entrepreneur and how it affected his personal life.

How did you get into tech?

How did the idea of going into tech start?

Nick Lornas: I started a company called Lumberjacks, which was originally a garage shop that sold lumber.

The first thing I started doing was building up a business and getting it going.

Then I built out the company, which became Loom Labs, which is a full time company, because I wanted to focus on that.

I was lucky enough to be able to do that in Seattle because I was able to build a business with a local entrepreneur, who was an awesome friend of mine, who helped me get off the ground.

What was your first venture?

Nick: Loom is the company I was working on when I got into tech, so I started that as well.

How was it different from working at a garage, which I loved, but then building a business out of that?

Nick’s wife Kristina: It was really a little bit different.

When I started Loom Lab, I was a part time employee at the garage shop and we did what we wanted to do and we got paid what we got.

I never had a big project to work on.

Nick: It really took a bit of time for me to realize that there was something that I could do, and then build on it and make it bigger and better.

It was fun, but it was not an exciting experience.

Kristina Loom: We had a lot of different things going on, but I always kind of knew what I wanted in my life.

I really just wanted to be part of something and help other people.

Nick and Kristina have been married since January 2018, and they have two kids together.

Nick told MTV that he’s excited to get back into the tech industry.

I’m excited about what this industry is all about and about the opportunities that come along with it.

How has your entrepreneurial background affected your career path?

Nick : My entrepreneurial background was really interesting, because when I was younger, it was really scary, because it wasn’t easy to make money.

So I think that was kind of my whole point of going in the first place.

My first business was doing software testing for the city of San Diego.

It’s really cool to be involved in something that’s actually helping people.

And when I started out, I realized that there were so many other things that I wanted, that I didn’t necessarily know about and that were really interesting.

So my whole idea was, if I could figure out how to get in and build something out of something that was going to do something, then that would be my whole career path.

I think I had a very successful business.

Krist: I’ve been fortunate to be around Nick for a long time.

I met him while working for a software company, and I remember going on a date with him and getting married in the garage.

I mean, I still look at him as a kind of mentor.

What did it mean to you when you met him?

Nick and I started dating at the age of 15, so we knew each other from that age.

He was a really kind person, so that was a very good thing.

Kristin: It definitely made me want to build something from scratch.

Nick started LomLab because I had the opportunity to work with him in the summer of 2013, and we were going to be a part of the same team for a while.

I thought that was great, because you get to see the work that you’re doing, the way that you do it, and how he’s working.

I had really high hopes for him, because we’d never been in the same situation, but we were just so close.

We were really happy together, and he was a mentor for me, and his passion for the business really kind of drove me to make this happen.

And I feel like that’s what you always want to do.

How have you been able to find success so quickly?

Nick explained that Loom was a different startup than the other tech companies that he worked with, but that he and Kristin were lucky enough that Lom Labs was able “to get off of the ground in the fall of 2014.”

Kristina also shared

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