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Fountain Politics How to use the Gwent beta app to test your skills

How to use the Gwent beta app to test your skills

You’re a gwent player and you’re tired of watching your opponent’s cards come to life and winning with little to no effort.

Now you can try to make the game’s card drawing more difficult by using the Gwinnetts tech to make cards that are easier to find and use.

The tech is a simple one: You can click on the bottom left corner of your screen and use the cursor to move to a specific card type, such as a creature card, a bomb card, or a special card.

If you find that card, you can click the green “add to hand” button to take it to your hand.

Then, if you’re able to find the card and use it in some way, you’ll be able to add it to the player’s hand.

There are also a few other neat tricks you can use to add a few more cards to your deck, such in conjunction with the Geth tech. 

When you have enough cards to add to your hands, you click on a button to remove the cards from the stack.

You can then use that stack to add another card to your pool.

Then you can do this until you’ve added the cards you want to add.

This is where the tech can be used in conjunction to add more cards into the player pool, allowing for more powerful cards to come to the table, and potentially adding the winner of a game to your own hands.

There’s a lot more to the GtG beta app than just that though, with the game getting its first real update in just over a week.

We’ll have a full review of the app in a few days.

You’ll also be able watch a livestream of the beta with a new patch arriving today.

Thanks, Chris and @MilesGatherer for the heads up.

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