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Fountain Investing Google, Ford unveil new vehicles on the eve of the launch of the new Toyota Highlander model

Google, Ford unveil new vehicles on the eve of the launch of the new Toyota Highlander model

The launch of Toyota’s new Highlander is likely to be a big moment for the Australian automaker.

Ford’s F-150 and Mercury’s Range Rover Discovery will both make their public debut on Monday, and Toyota has confirmed the next-generation Highlander will be the first to feature the company’s self-driving technology.

Toyota says the vehicle will offer better fuel economy than current cars and will be quieter than its current hybrid-electric sibling.

“It will be a hybrid vehicle, it will be quiet, it won’t be very exciting but it will have a very good driving experience,” Toyota Chief Technology Officer Mike Kucharski told the BBC.

A big announcement in a short space of time.

Mr Kuchariski was speaking in the company car’s new “F-150” supercar concept.

The F-Class has a more than 1.2-litre twin-turbocharged V6 engine, which generates more than 700hp (480kW) at 1,500rpm.

It’s the latest addition to the Toyota lineup and the most powerful vehicle in its class.

That power is fed to an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that drives a rear-wheel drive configuration.

However, unlike previous iterations of the F-Series, the next generation of the Highlander will only have a rear axle.

Unlike other electric vehicles, the Highlander has a manual gearbox and does not have a range extender or a steering wheel-mounted touchscreen.

Its first driver will be Toyota’s CEO and chief product officer Tom Long, who will be driving the Highlander.

But the company has also revealed that its first-ever autonomous test will take place in Tokyo, Japan, on September 25.

Volvo’s autonomous driving technology is based on the Volvo XC90 concept and has already won a number of prestigious awards.

There are also a number that Toyota has yet to announce.

Earlier this year, it announced that it would introduce a new version of its Fusion Hybrid.

At the time, the company said it would be launching the new hybrid vehicle in 2020, although the launch has yet for many years.

Fusions have already been on sale in the US and China, with the most recent model being the Tesla Model 3.

While Toyota’s Fusion Hybrid will be built at a facility in Tokyo and have a similar range to the Model 3, the new model will have an all-new design.

All three models will feature a new engine and electric motor, and the company is also launching a range of other products including the Toyota Mirai, Toyota Yaris, and its Lexus RX 300.

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